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The Elder Abuse Helpline promotes the right of older people to live free from abuse. It was established in 1997 to provide a state-wide service to respond to the abuse of older people in Queensland. It operates under UnitngCare Community and is funded by the Department of Communities.

For further information please phone 1300 651 192 or contact us online.


Currently attending forum in Bundaberg Qld and have just watched a very powerful video recognising the value, wisdom and courage of our older Australians. Well done you!! As a student of Impact studying aged care  certificate 3 here in Bundaberg I look forward to meeting and caring for our treasured elders, like those represented so beautifully in your presentation 
Attendee feedback on an EAPU presentation – 2014 Seniors Forum - Bundaberg, 18th March 2014


Recently Added

Participate - Research into Dementia and Financial Abuse

Alzheimer’s Australia NSW is conducting research about past instances of financial abuse of people with dementia. We hope that the research will raise awareness of the issue and develop solutions to reduce the incidence and impact of financial abuse. 

If you have experienced financial abuse while in NSW as a person with dementia or a carer for a person with demnentia, you can help Alzheimer’s Australia by participating in an interview and telling them about your experiences. Participants will receive a $50 gift voucher as a thank you for their time and for sharing their experience.

NSW based service providers and professionals can also help by completing an online survey about their experiences of supporting people with dementia who have been financially abused and suggestions for preventing people with dementia from becoming victims of financial abuse.

To find out more about the research and to register your interest in participating, please contact Kylie Sait, Research and Policy Officer at Alzheimer’s Australia NSW.

Phone: 02 8875 4641

Home for the Holidays

This factsheet is a guide for family and friends of things to consider when visiting older family members during this festive season.  This may be the only opportunity people get to catch up with their aging relatives and provides a good time to see how they are travelling and what supports they may need or if they are at risk of being abused.

Download the Home For The Holidays fact sheet

Norma's Project: Preventing the sexual assault of older women

Research being undertaken by La Trobe University exploring sexual assault of women through the perspective of older women.  Dr Catherine Barrett would like to talk to women who were 65 years or older when they experienced sexual assault.

Visit the Norma's Project website

Training and Awareness

  • FREE information and awareness sessions for seniors groups throughout Queensland. If you are interested in booking a session please call our Helpline.
  • FREE training for service providers working with people who live in the community. Please contact the Elder Abuse Prevention Unit for topic details and/or to book a session.
  • Rural and remote services who would like to organise training are encouraged to contact the EAPU and negotiate sessions to ensure they receive the times and dates they would like.  Membership of the multidisciplinary Peer Support Network is available  for rural and remote workers and three PSN teleconferences are conducted throughout the year.
  • For services in the Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and surrounding areas, please contact us at your  convenience if you wish to organise a  session.

Donate to the Elder Abuse Prevention Unit

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"Elder Abuse is a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person”

The Elder Abuse Prevention Unit is funded by the Queensland Government and auspiced by UnitingCare Community.