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What’s going to be different at NEAC 2019?
Why it’s a MUST attend event.

People told us they wanted action orientated conferences with deeper discussions around key topics. We’ve taken this ‘on board’ and will deliver at this year’s NEAC. It's a strategic approach in discussing key topics in-depth through the use of panel discussions from invited experts, to give greater analysis and ways forward.

These discussions will include opportunities for interactive dialogue from delegates, a facilitation of everyone working together to create change for the better….making it a MUST attend event. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a real difference!

Come along to NEAC 2019 and join our panel members as they discuss these issues and provide practical tips to move the debate forward.

Check out the NEAC 2019 program here

 Annual Report - Year in Review 2018

The 2018 Year in Review is a detailed and insightful analysis of elder abuse occurring in close/intimate relationships.  Analysis is provided on victims, perpetrators and notifiers.  Many demographical factors are considered with the analysis such as who reports abuse in regions, individual factors surrounding victims and perpetrators including trauma , patterns of abuse and much more. 

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- Year in Review 2018

Key Facts YIR 2018

 Media Contacts

  • Mark Tucker-Evans, Chief Executive, COTA Queensland: Phone: (07) 3316 2903/0411 389 946 email: mte@cotaqld.org.auCOTA Queensland is the Seniors Peak Service for Queensland involved with informing elder abuse responses and seniors rights.
  • Cybele Koning, Director, Family, Domestic Violence & Elder Law Practice, Seniors Legal and Support Service, Elder Abuse Health Justice Partnership: Phone: (07) 3214 6333 email: Cybele@caxton.org.au. A Multi-disciplinary service providing legal assistance and social work supports to older people at risk of or experiencing elder abuse.
  • Mary Burgess, Public Advocate, Office of the Public Advocate: Phone: (07) 3224 7424 email:  public.advocate@justice.qld.gov.au The Public Advocate is an independent statutory role established to undertake systems advocacy to protect and promote the rights, autonomy and participation of people with impaired decision-making capacity.
  • Mary van der Honing, The Office of the Public Guardian: Phone: (07) 3738 9457  email: commed@publicguardian.qld.gov.au  The Office of the Public Guardian works to promote and protect the human rights of adults with impaired decision-making capacity, including investigating and acting on allegations of abuse, neglect or exploitation.

  Talk about the future, plan for the future

Below, is a range of information about Enduring Powers of Attorney. The use and misuse of Enduring Power of Attorney Documents remains both a common protective factor and risk factor in many elder abuse situations. It is good for all individuals and families to consider these documents and/ or the impact(s) of not having one.

  Information for Attorneys - Enduring Power of Attorney

In Queensland people have the option of creating a legal document called an Enduring Power of Attorney to nominate others to act on their behalf and make decisions for them if they are unable.  These decisions may include personal, health or financial decisions, which may be simple or complex.

The role of Attorney can be confusing.  It is recognised there has been a lack of education specifically developed to assist Attorneys to understand their legal duties and responsibilities.

To make it easier for Attorneys to act appropriately in their role as decision maker, ADA Australia with the support of the Queensland government have created resources.

ADA Australia in consultation with a broad range of stakeholders and funding from the Queensland Government’s Department of Justice and Attorney General. The resources can assist Attorneys to understand the EPOA document, any terms and when and how to make decisions for another.  It can also help support those who may be considering agreeing to the role of becoming someone’s Attorney, to understand more about the role and what will be required of them should the EPOA become active.

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 The "talk about the future, plan for the future" project!

The Ageing Diversely videos have created a means to generate conversations about ‘planning for the future’ for culturally and linguistically diverse communities. The videos produced in English, Mandarin, Italian and Amharic are currently viewable via the UnitingCare Community YouTube page. The Auslan videos are available via the Deaf Services Queensland YouTube page. We are very happy for you to utilise the videos however you wish, including the English version.

Thank you to the Public Trustee, The Queensland Government, CO.AS.IT, Cathay Community Association, Jeta Gardens and the many other services who supported the Conversation Café video series. A particular thankyou to Multicultural Communities Council Gold Coast who also provided a magnificent filming location.

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"Elder Abuse is a single or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person”

The Elder Abuse Prevention Unit is funded by the Queensland Government and auspiced by UnitingCare Community.