EAPU Database Upgrade

The Gambling Community Benefit Fund provides a new database for analysing elder abuse reports received by the EAPU.
With funding received through a grant by the Gambling Community Benefit Fund the EAPU have developed a much more sensitive database for storing and analysing non-identifying data collected through the EAPU Helpline. This new database is the end result of a 2008 review of how the EAPU collects data (see report). Although the report found the eight year old data collection system was surprisingly good, a number of recommendations on the type of data collected based on a review of the literature were put forward in the report. These mainly involved enhancements to collecting information on the abuser and new or more sensitive measures around risk factors.  With the support from the Gambling Community Benefit Fund and the ICT section of Lifeline Community Care Qld the database has finally been completed and incorporates as many of the report recommendations as was practicable.
The data from over 1,000 separate incidents of elder abuse are being transferred to the new database this month (Dec 09) and a further 3,000 records are also currently being prepared for inclusion over the next few months. The EAPU will finally have one secure home for its data which was previously held in two separate databases. This will allow for easier extraction of information for analysis.
Further, the new database will incorporate new and more sensitive areas for capturing a range of information on the abused, abuser and the notifier in future elder abuse reports. All core elements such as abuse types, gender, and relationships etc will remain unchanged to allow the old data to be comparable with the new data collected. Some new risk factors have been included while the ability of the database to collect information on “Many to Many” relationships has been improved. These relationships occur in situations where for example an older couple are being abused by their son and daughter-in-law – the son may be physically, verbally and financially abusive to his father and verbally and financially abusive to his mother while his wife may be verbally abusive to both her parents in law.
As a final enhancement the database will be have a much greater ability to analyse the results of awareness raising activity being undertaken by the EAPU.
The EAPU wishes to again thank the Gambling Community Benefit Fund for providing this tool which will greatly enhance the ability of the EAPU to respond to the abuse of Queensland’s seniors.