Client Service Standards

The Client Service Charter below outlines your rights and responsibilities when accessing our service, you can also download a copy of the Client Service Charter.

Your Rights

  • To receive services which comply with and have adopted the National Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988.
  • To not have information about you provided to another party without your permission, unless there is an immediate threat to your or someone else’s life.
  • To have our staff treat you with respect.
  • To be informed of your options within our area of expertise by appropriately trained workers.
  • To receive information that is relevant, of high quality and culturally and linguistically appropriate.
  • To receive services from us which observe the United Nations Principles for Older People.
  • To have a say in the services we provide to you, including your right to participate in decisions concerning the type of assistance provided to you and the way it is provided.
  • To express grievances and seek redress without fear that it could effect decisions in relation to the assistance you receive
  • To have access to interpreters for our service.

How You Can Assist Us

  • Letting us know if you have a complaint at any time while we are working with you.
  • Not asking us to act in illegal or unethical ways.
  • Treating our staff with respect.
  • Providing us with all the information we need to assist you.
  • Letting us know what you have already tried
  • Providing feedback on our services.

Tell Us what you think

UnitingCare Community takes all compliments, complaints and general feedback about our services and staff seriously. We care about your experience and opinion of the service provided by UnitingCare Community. Feedback offered to us by clients, family members, carers, organisations and members of the community is used to inform our planning, enhance our organisational performance, service delivery and client satisfaction, and build positive relationships with all stakeholders.

To leave your feedback, compliment or complaint please visit the UnitingCare Community Website: