Multidisciplinary Peer Support Network

The Peer Support Network (PSN) is a multidisciplinary network for workers to quickly tap into the information and expertise they require. 

It is recognised that for workers responding to elder abuse in more remote areas the ability to establish and maintain a useful network may be more difficult  due to:

  • Limited opportunities to physically meet and form relationships with other workers due to the distances involved,
  • Limited opportunities to make contacts outside a workers own discipline or area of expertise
  • Limited time, energy and resources available to establish and maintain a network
  • An irregular need to use a network specifically designed to respond to the abuse of older persons.

The issue

Abuse of an older person by family members or friends can include physical, financial, psychological, sexual, social abuse and/or neglect.  Unfortunately there is usually no "quick fix" for responding to this type of family violence.  Even when services are available, there are often combinations of complex family issues, dependency, financial problems and health issues (just to name a few that could impact on the type of response needed.  No single worker or agency can therefore be expected to have the legal, medical, counselling or financial expertise needed to respond to all situations of abuse.

Features of the Peer Support Network

  • Free membership
  • A membership structure that will maintain a focus on supporting remote and isolated workers across disciplines.
  • A communication structure that will enhance a workers access to information and support from peers and other workers with specialist knowledge and expertise.
  • Information flow directed by its members.
  •  Information content directed by its members.
  • Maintenance of the network undertaken by the Elder Abuse Prevention Unit.

Further information