Community Awareness & Education

We provide free community awareness and education sessions across the state of QLD. Many of our staff are situated in south-east QLD, however we do regularly travel across the state to regional, rural and even remote areas to talk to a wide variety of groups. If groups in rural areas have access to video conferencing, we can in some circumstances connect this way as well. Some examples of groups we have engaged, include seniors social and interest groups (large and small), expos and information days and workers from a range of disciplines and workplace settings. 

Community Awareness Sessions

Community awareness sessions are generally aimed at the wider community. They focus on giving older people and families awareness of what elder abuse is, how to recognise the signs and where people can seek help and information. Awareness of the issue is a very important protective factor for older people in terms of preventing abuse and it makes seeking help quickly significantly easier for people in the community. 

Community Education Sessions

Community education is often sought by community workers from a range of backgrounds such as nurses, social workers, hospital staff, aged care staff, tafe and university students and many, many more. These sessions focus on developing an informed and skilled workforce that can play a role in helpling make elder abuse stop. It assists workers to recognise elder abuse, support people safely and connect them to appropriate services. It usually includes a description of how the Elder Abuse Prevention Unit supports its clients, as well as what types of services exist in the local community and the roles they can play. 

How to book?

Whatever your setting or group size, generally we are able to adapt to your need. To discuss or book a session, simply make contact with a helpline operator on 1300 651 192 or (07) 3867 2525. If you would like to request brochure materials to hand out at your own event, you may also request these through the helpline.