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Annual Reports - Year in Review

The Year in Review reports contain detailed analysis of elder abuse occurring within close and intimate relationships.  Analysis is provided in respect to victims, perpetrators, notifiers, locational demographics, abuse patterns (and much more) within the previous financial year.  


Elder Abuse Statistics in Queensland: Executive Summary 2020-21

Elder Abuse Statistics in Queensland: Year in Review 2020-21


Previous Annual Reports: 

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The EAPU Helpline: investigation of five years of call data (2015)

This report investigates five years' worth of Helpline data. The report finds consistencies over time for age and gender although it suggests that elder abuse in older age groups may not be as gendered as spousal abuse. Drilling down into abuse types and relationships indicates that elder abuse is a different construct to spousal abuse.  A change in the patterns of two abuse types over time reveals that sons and daughters are becoming more alike in their patterns of abuse. Click here for the full report. 


A "Wishlist" for a Prevalence Study (2015)

The EAPU Reference Group Research Subgroup final report on a proposal for a Queensland prevalence study. Click here for the full report 


Submission: Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce on Elder Abuse (2015)

This submission was prepared for the Domestic and Family Violence Taskforce chaired by the former Governor General, Dame Quentin Bryce. The submission raised important issues, including the cost of elder abuse and the need for a targeted and coordinated approach to prevention. Other key issues were the need for current legislation to be reviewed and strengthened, as well as a prevalence study to identify a baseline for service delivery and impact of services on the elder abuse. Click here to read the full submission.