Know the Signs

Knowing the signs of elder abuse may help you take notice of a potential elder abuse situation. In many cases the signs of elder abuse can be quite subtle and hidden. If you have recognise any of the signs and are concerned about an older person, you can call the elder abuse helpline: 1300 651 192.

In addition to becoming familiar with the signs of elder abuse, there are also risk factors. A risk factor is something that may make someone more susceptible to experiencing elder abuse. Data and anecdotal evidence suggests that certain risk factors are related to abuse, and that the existence of several risk factors places a person at a significantly higher risk of abuse. Key risk factors include carer stress, dependency (e.g. for decision making, ongoing care and/or accommodation), family conflict, isolation, psychological problems and addictive behaviours or substance abuse. Helping someone access support related to these risk factors, can help prevent elder abuse situations.