source: ADA Australia & Caxton Legal Centre inc.

What’s going to be different at NEAC 2019?
Why it’s a MUST attend event.

People told us they wanted action orientated conferences with deeper discussions around key topics. We’ve taken this ‘on board’ and will deliver at this year’s NEAC. It's a strategic approach in discussing key topics in-depth through the use of panel discussions from invited experts, to give greater analysis and ways forward.

These discussions will include opportunities for interactive dialogue from delegates, a facilitation of everyone working together to create change for the better….making it a MUST attend event. So don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a real difference!

Come along to NEAC 2019 and join our panel members as they discuss these issues and provide practical tips to move the debate forward.

Check out the NEAC 2019 program here

There are a number of events every year that celebrate, acknowledge and promote issues related to older Australians. Here are are a few to keep an eye out for!  

 World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Seniors Week

International Day of Older Persons

  • October 1 each year