National Elder Abuse Conference 2019 (Brisbane)

Conference resources now available #NEAC2019

Congratulations to ADA Australia and Caxton Legal for successfully executing an exciting and innovative National Elder Abuse Conference in July 2019. If you were not yet aware, the conference presentations were recorded as podcasts and have been made available in the resources section of the main conference website (click here). So if you weren't able to make it, you can still go and check out the world class presenters from around the globe!

For those just wanting to get a sense of the themes that emerged from the event, the conference surveys completed by delegates told all. Delegates responded to the surveys with a resolute commitment to do all they could in their own communities to address elder abuse. CALLS FOR ACTION were focused on the following themes:

  • Human rights – identifying ways to apply a rights-based lens to all services which support older Australians
  • Criminalisation of elder abuse – you want to engage in ongoing discussion about the need for discrete laws which criminalise the abuse of older Australians
  • Awareness raising – there is a need for further education of older people, their families and friends, industry and the community about elder abuse, how to identify it and where to get supports
  • Prevention – research should be focussed on increasing our understanding about what prevention activities will work and then we need to adopt a collaborative approach towards implementing those activities
  • Ageism – joining together to combat ageism in all the ways it exists in Australian society
  • Older person led initiatives – older Australians should be empowered to take the lead on addressing elder abuse